Hire a MICO Dry Ice Cleaning System

At MICO, if our customers have a cleaning operation to be carried out and would prefer to do the work themselves, we can arrange for a complete dry ice blasting system to be hired for as long as required, and delivered to their premises ready for connection to their air supply.

As we have a range of different blasting systems available for specific cleaning applications, our experienced and trained staff will endeavour to provide the client with the most appropriate blasting system 'package' we believe to be the most efficient for your operation and most cost effective.

The Dry Ice blasting media is provided and delivered by BOC Gases directly to the client at any location in the United Kingdom. See Dry Ice

Operator Training

In cases where a client has never used a Dry Ice blasting system before the operator/s must receive proper training. This can either be carried out at the customer's premises on the day the hired blasting system is delivered.
Thereafter, all future hires of equipment to the client will be made by straightforward courier delivery as required.

For further information on dry ice blasting equipment hire use the CONTACT FORM-> or call us on:
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